Sugar & Spite (paisli) wrote in whats_for_lunch,
Sugar & Spite


Ok.. this is REALLY pissing me off.. The other group tried to counter the offer AGAIN! So the terms have changed slightly, basically my loan amt will drop, but the amt I need to bring to the table has gone up, which is fine.. but fuck.. let's just get this done already!! They are faxing the agreement to me, I will sign, fax back, and by golly that better be IT!

Aparantly the sellers wife was just having a fit telling the agent that they don't want to keep doing this because she 'rescuse deaf dogs'.. so she is totally on my side hahah! Seee.. volunteering TOTALLY pays off.. even if it did land me a bad doggie ;)

Anyhow.. we're still getting the deal, at least it appears that way, just at slightly different terms.. I'm easy, I have the money, and I really want this house! So let's pray that this is the last of the ebay auctioning! UGH!

At least I KNOW that I will LOVE this house and it will be all worth it!
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