two_makes_one (two_makes_one) wrote in whats_for_lunch,

Adventures in Lunch

So I left work with no idea of what I really wanted...I had to go to the bank first so that would give me time to think...pasli's idea of italian sounded good, but I couldn't think of any place close by. So I thought that maybe a mandarin salad from Starbucks might be good...I walked all the way over there (a block and a half...I'm completely neurotic...) and Starbucks no longer makes those salads. The only one they have has feta on it and that is just nasty. So now what to do??? Two doors down is Noodles. I got a spicy peanut noodle salad. I felt like such a dork, tho. I had too much change in my wallet and took forever to put my change away, annoying people behind me. Then I overfilled my soda (Dr. Pepper) and made a huge mess. Plus I forgot my sunglasses and it's really windy outside. *bleh*

This salad rocks.
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